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  REUNITED   On Sep 8th, 2020 ( missing 1 day )

It was quite a run around looking for her up and sown the beach both driving and walking through the bushes in the hot sun to no avail. She must have found a path I didnt through the bushes and into one of the camps near the beach where she was finally found and picked up 23 hrs after she ran. She went right to sleep when we got home, must have been a scary long night.
ID# 176470


Light Brown Terrier Mix

  • Dog
  • Copalis Crossing, WA
  • Missing since Sep 7th
  • Microchip #: 982126051144155
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 1-3 years
  • This pet has been found. (A bit dehydrated and/or hungry)


She has big pointy ears, a white tuff on her chest, a small kink in her tail, and different colored black and white paws and nails. Weight about 20 pounds, lots of people think shes a Chihuahua.

Last Seen

Location: Roosevelt Beach Road, Copalis Crossing, WA 98536
Crossroads: Copalis