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  REUNITED   On May 27th, 2017 ( missing 2 days )

After almost 3 days of us meticulously searching our whole neighborhood, we finally found him under a deck of a close by apartment duplex at about 7pm. We were tipped off by a neighbor nearby that deck at 1am the morning we found him, so it helped us have an idea of how close he was. My guess is that he was there all along for the past 2.5 days, and only came out to wander with another friendly stray cat. We tried all the tricks to help him sniff his way home; food, litter box, and all manor of clothes and bed sheets hanging outside our door for him to track back home. But all it took was a good man hunt (or in this case, kitty hunt). Look under EVERYTHING within a block from your home, and notify your neighbors. If they don't come home on their own, hunt them down! Although we already alerted our local shelters, vets, and our immediate neighbors on our own, lost pet alert could have helped as well. My advise to ANYONE. Do. Not. Give. Up. Shed some sweat, get dirt on your elbows, and don't lose hope. They're nearby.
ID# 56753


White And Brown Long Hair

  • Cat
  • Mount Pleasant, MI
  • Missing since May 25th
  • Microchip #: 982000365667376
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 3-5 years
  • This pet has been found. (Alive and Well)


Very fluffy, mostly white cat. Fluffy tail, and his belly fur drapes to the ground. He had a blue collar with a bell when he went missing, very distinguishable dingle bell.

Last Seen

Location: 1616 Flynn Ln, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858
Crossroads: Crapo st. and Bellows rd.