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If you check the box “Use 1-844-PET-ALERT instead of my phone number” on the final step of your alert, we will not give out your phone number anywhere including our website, social media posts, lost pet flyers, phone alerts, or over the phone.

When someone calls our hotline with information about your pet we will either try to connect you with the caller immediately, or if you cannot be reached we will take down the information and relay it to you by phone/email! Others can also reach you directly via our website by clicking “Contact Owner” from your pet’s listing page.

Unfortunately, no – we are not a directory for found pets nor do we provide services or marketing to help find the owner. We encourage anyone who has found a pet to browse our site for a match. If you need further advice on what to do when you believe you have found someone’s pet, please read our article “Found Dog or Cat? Try These Important Tips!”
Due to the expedient nature of our alert service, as soon as you place an order we incur immediate costs that cannot be refunded. Please contact our support if you wish to discuss a payment issue!

Phone Alerts

Your pet alert recording is custom tailored around your pets information by our talented voice actors. Here’s a sample of one we’ve done recently (May 19th, 2017)!

We purchase a list of phone numbers located in a radius of the exact address your pet went missing by partnering with one of the nation’s largest business & consumer marketing list companies (the same one used by many political candidates). We of course cannot guarantee that every neighbor will be called, but the quality of our data is as good as it gets!
This depends on how many houses per square mile and the package you choose, but typically our alert coverage is between 0.5 miles to 3 miles. We start with the closest homes and expand in a radius outward, so choosing a larger package simply means an expanded search area.
Not to worry – if the call is not answered, we leave a voicemail! We will retry busy numbers up to 5 times.
We know time is of the essence and work very fast! We typically can process phone alerts within 1 hour, but please allow up to 3 hours in instances of high demand. Our processing hours are 8am to 8pm PST, and depending on how late in the day you order the phone calls may not go out until the next morning (see calling hours below).
To comply with telephony rules and common courtesy – pet alert phone calls are made between 10am and 8pm relative to the area’s time zone.
While other companies only provide a report when you ask for it (and with limited information), we provide a complete report of everyone called including their first name, address, and phone number. You can access it easily via your account dashboard.
Because our calls are purely informational in nature, our calls are exempt from the Do No Call requirements set by the FTC – we are not telemarketers.

While it is rare for you to be called more than once, if you wish to no longer receive calls like this from us in the future, you can submit your phone number via this opt-out form.

Facebook Ads

As you may or may not know, every Facebook user has their own personalized news feed of recent posts (images and text) that friends have shared or posted themselves – it’s basically what everyone browses through daily for an average of 30+ minutes. The primary way Facebook currently makes money is from advertising.. and that’s what we use to get your pet’s photo in front of the eyes of people nearby!

In the news feed, Facebook occasionally places a “Sponsored Post” which is when a business has paid to show to that post to you based on your interests, gender, age, or geo-location – it looks and functions just like any other post (can be liked, commented, and shared) with the exception of it being labeled ‘sponsored’ in the corner. To create your Facebook powered pet alert, what we do is make a post on our Facebook page, and then pay Facebook to show that post to people within 1+ miles (distance depending on area population).
It’s estimated that nearly 70 percent of smartphone users are checking their Facebook everyday – this makes for a perfect opportunity to use their platform to spread the word about your lost pet to thousands of people in a precise area, and quickly!

A post about your lost pet is shown to people located in as little as 1 mile (radius) of the exact address your pet went missing – depending on the population density and package you choose of course.

Facebook also allows us to target people based on whether they live in the area or are just traveling – we almost always target people “living in the area”.

To learn more about how Facebook knows where a person is located, hear it straight from the horses mouth.

Without Facebook Advertising, a post made about your lost pet is only going to be seen by your friends and maybe their friends – even businesses that offer to post on their page for free will do little good (unless someone just happens to come across the post). With Facebook Advertising, we create a post on our page and then pay Facebook to have it displayed to people that live around where your pet went missing – it will especially reach people that may have seen your pet, but are not actively looking for the owner. A single sighting of your pet can make all the difference in focusing your search.
While it’s easy to click your pet’s photo and contact you via our website, not everyone does that – someone may choose to leave a basic comment like “I saw this cat last night in my yard”. To ensure that you receive these kind of comments simply comment on the post yourself – this will turn on Facebook notifications for that post. If you do not have a Facebook account you should check the post daily, as we do not actively monitor comments made on our posts!
If you do live in the same area and you have not seen the sponsored post about your lost pet, Facebook has likely decided that another business’s ad is more relevant to display to you at that time (how ads work). Each individual sees different ads based on their interests, but with people checking their Facebook page an average of 14 times per day it’s not something to worry about. If you would like further verification that your ad is displaying in the target area, please contact our support and we can provide you a screenshot from our Facebook Ad Manager account.

Other factors that can cause you not see the Sponsored Post in your news feed: Facebook has not yet approved it, you’ve already engaged with or seen it today, you’re not seeing sponsored posts at all, or Facebook does not believe you live in the area (possibly connecting from proxy or instagram/facebook profile says you live somewhere else):

While it’s not yet possible for us to display this information to you on our website, you can contact us at and we can provide a screenshot of the advertising results from Facebook Ad Manager.

Keep in mind that the Facebook Alert amount in your package is an average number of people reached, and engagement performance (shares/likes/comments) can vary depending on your pet’s photo and the community viewing it.

Flyer Faxing

If you order one of our premium lost pet alert packages, faxes are sent out within 5 minutes of your order. Free lost pet alerts require manual approval (to prevent abuse and offensive pictures) and can take up to 2 (business) hours to be sent out.
We use a combination of online information, websites like, and a proprietary database of over 30,000 pet related businesses with known fax numbers.
We can fax flyers to pet related businesses within a 25 mile radius of your missing pet. Any vets and shelters further than this will not be reached by our automatic faxing system, but you can contact us for assistance in cases where your pet was lost in a remote area or along a highway – we’ll manually send faxes in towns they may have ended up in!
It sure would be great if every shelter and vet could be reached by fax, but sadly that’s not always possible!

There are so many shelters and vets in the United States, and unfortunately many of them (especially in rural areas) do not maintain up to date information online or an online presence. Some vets/shelters have also requested not to receive flyer alert faxes (due to paper costs or other reasons). Vets are in no way required or expected to check if they have seen your pet, and some shelters will only take lost pet reports over the phone. If you have a specific pet businesses that you would like us to fax just shoot us an email over at with the name, address, and fax number of the business – we’re happy to fax them for you 🙂

The simple answer is: we faxed as many as we could within 25 miles of the location. A common misunderstanding is that that amount is fixed and promised, which is not the case – 35 faxes, such as in the “Bark” package, are an “up to” amount and depending on the package you select, and the population of the area where the pet was lost, you may not reach the maximum number of faxes.