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Notify Neighbors, Shelters, and Vets

Using a combination of our Fax Alerts, Phone Blasts*, and Facebook Advertising* your missing pet’s information can be seen by thousands of people in your area!

*Premium services start at $49

Reunite With Your Pet

My Lost Pet Alert increases the chances x3 of finding your missing pet by providing the tools and services to spread the word - hundreds of pets are found each month!

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Why choose us Main features

Rapid and Targeted Alerts

Pet Alerts go out to neighbors and businesses within just hours, and are targeted within just miles of where your pet was last seen!

Human Recorded Message

Our staff will record a lost pet alert in their own voice that will reach your neighbors.


Reach More People

Our alerts reach a 100's (or even thousands) of your neighbors and all local shelters, animal control, pet stores, and vets.

Social Media

We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to broadcast your lost pet to your local area.

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Oct 30th, 2018 Status: Injured, but being treated
Kay W.   Within 24 hours, I got two responses to the alert for my cat and the second one led me to my pet. She is a blind cat and had been hit by a car, but the woman calling had seen the Facebook post and called to tell me exactly where she was and that she was still alive. I got there in time to take her to the emergency vet and she is being prepped for surgery now with a good prognosis. Without Pet Alert she would have laid by the curb and surely died alone. I am so grateful. Worth every penny. Kay
Missing for 3 days