Facebook Ads

Want to supercharge your lost pet alert on Facebook?

Utilizing facebook's advertising platform we can target thousands of people in the same location your pet was lost!

My Lost Pet Alert takes a Facebook post with your pet’s information/photo, and pays for advertising in the area where your pet was lost!
If you use Facebook, you may have noticed ‘Sponsored Posts’ in your News Feed from time to time. These ads are sometimes specifically targeted at you based on your interests and location – Facebook knows everything about it’s users.These ads look just like other Facebook posts with the exception of “sponsored post” in the corner. They can be shared/commented/liked to others which makes them perfect for alerting an area about a lost pet!
  • Exact targeting of people LIVING within 1 mile!*
  • Reach between 500-8000+ people
  • Ads appear in news/photo feed just like every other post
  • Users can like, comment, and share your missing pet to local groups

How Ads Look Your lost pet alert appears in someone's news feed like this


Targeted & Optimized Ads are geotargeted and settings adjusted based on how long your pet has been missing, pet type, and other factors.